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Phase I
vLab Admin panel:
• Ability to add a client
• Ability to generate users for that client (for example, generate 100 users along with password)
• Ability to manage categories
• Ability to upload labs (products), make them active, de-active, etc
o A lab may belong to multiple categories

vLab Client panel:
• Check usage report
• Assign a particular account to an employeeID
• Block/Un-block user

Process flow for the user:
User comes in
1. Signs in
a. Sign in form
b. Account Management
c. Usage Tracking
2. User searches the lab -> clicks on a lab -> launches the lab
a. 3 windows open: Control Panel, timer 60 minutes, and azure vm in the 3rd window
b. Control panel will include
i. a timer
ii. end lab
iii. show/hide lab manual window
iv. show/hide vm window
v. evaluation
vi. end lab will lead to evaluation and rating
Overall site functionality
1. Feedback & Suggestions
2. Report a bug
3. Suggest us a lab and win extra hours
4. Search functionality based on keywords, description & categories.

Product Details
1. Lab title
2. Technology
3. Product
4. Version
5. Long Description
6. Sort Description
7. Duration
8. Category (will be multiple)
9. Prerequisites
10. Target audience
11. Price
12. VM name & other details
Home page functionally
1. Popular/HOT Labs
2. Related Labs
3. Customer feedback

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